What are the convection ovens? How is it different from the classic one.

If you want to enhance your cooking and want to do cooking stuff fast than convection oven is a must for you. These ovens are hotter and cook faster than the classic ones. Some additions to this appliance will cook your food evenly.

Comparison with conventional ovens.

Conventional ovens are the one people generally use. It has too rack. The top part of oven warm faster and therefore cook faster. The bottom rack take time. If you want to cook a lots of muffin and your are using both top and bottom rack than you get in trouble. The muffins of top rack when cooked completely the muffins of bottom rack may not have cooked completely.

While in convection oven it has a fan inside it. This fan circulates the hot air inside of the oven evenly and therefore every part have uniform warmth. As the air does not stay at the top the cooking is evenly.

The temperature of convection oven is nearly 30 to 35 degree cooler than a conventional oven set to the same temperature. So, to ccok at the right temperature you must adjust the difference carefully. At the same temperature you will find that a convection oven cooks faster than an ordinary convention oven. It Cooks 25 percent faster than the conventional one. It is even a better option for large food like, a whole turkey. But, safety should be taken as you should take a look at your food time by time just to make sure that your food is cooking evenly.

A faster cooking time is very good. In the convection type oven the chicken is very less likely to dry out. Pastries become more crisper in faster cooking in convection oven. The extra heat steams the fat present in dough quickly which make sthem tastes crispier. It also have flaky layers on it. Since it takes less time to cook food than the conventional one it is prefered more. It’s efficiency is also a major contributor of it’s popularity. According to a recent report of US Department of Energy , it uses 20 percent less energy as compared to conventional ovens.

Safety measures. What not to bake in convection oven.

Not everything you can cook in this convection oven. The fan is the major problem for most of the food items. Delicate baked goods, like souffles, custards, angel food cake and even many quick breads aren’t suitable for convection. The heat flow can cause cake to rise unevenly, can make top of your cupcake lean towards one side and can make a crust on top of your custard by drying it. Use convection for roasting meat and vegetables, baking cookies and pies, and anytime you want even browning. So, before buying it please be cautious.

While buying a perfect convection oven go for the terms like “third-element convection,” “true convection” or “European convection”. The ordinary oven with built-in fan will not be a good option. What really matters is its ability to maintain a uniform temperature inside the oven.